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It should be no surprise, that after a while upholstery can start to look and feel dirty. It’s constantly subjected to all kinds of abuse in everyday life. Food and drink spills, newspaper ink, sweat, grease and body odour, not to mention the battering they receive from children and pets.

Those once vivid colours can look dull and jaded, fabrics lose their softness and unseen bacteria can cause unpleasant odours.

Dirtbusters London Upholstery Cleaners will give your soft furnishings a thorough clean using our new eco cleaning system. This clever cleaning system is designed specifically for upholstery cleaning and works by efficiently cleaning the fabrics, whilst not allowing water to saturate the cushion fillings or framework beneath. Suites are dry and ready for use in approximately 2 hours.

Even the dirtiest upholstery is flushed clean.  Colours will look brighter, fabrics will feel soft again and your suite will regain that cosy inviting appeal with a fragrant fresh smell.

So for an upholstery cleaner Eltham , Greenwich , Bexley , Brockley , Thamesmead , Charlton , Woolwich , Abbey Wood , Erith , Dartford , Bromley , Lewisham , Plumstead , South London , Kent  that can’t be beaten for service and value, call us now and book your sofa cleaning London

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Dirtbusters London Upholstery cleaning is very similar to carpet cleaning. The way we clean your upholstery varies on the type of material your upholstery is made of. For fabrics we thoroughly vacuum to remove any surface dirt. We use a prespray treatment and hand agitate to loosen the deep dirt. Then we use a method called HWE (hot water extraction) also known as steam cleaning to remove the dirt.

The machines we use inject high pressure hot water into the fibres and almost instantly remove the water and dirt using high power extraction. The methods and machines we use mean your upholstery is normally dry in around 2-4 hours. We prefer to use microsplitters, which are eco friendly cleaning solutions and also safe for your kids, pets and asthma sufferers.

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Upholstery cleaning is something that needs very careful care , its important to test the material & use the correct method . London Upholstery cleaners will take the worry out of cleaning your sofas & soft furnishings  

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